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Similar Species Information

"Tennessee Warbler vs. Orange-crowned Warbler "

Tennessee Warbler

Tennessee WarblerThis small drab songbird has a thin white line over the eye, an olive-green back, and is white below with a gray wash to the sides. It has no wing-bars, tail-spots, or eye-ring. The male and female are similar in plumage, but juvenile birds are overall more yellow.

· Appears slim, with long wings and a shortish tail

· Narrow, pointed bill

· Gray head does not contrast with greenish back

· Unstreaked throat and breast; whitish washed underparts

· White undertail coverts

· Bold white stripe over eye


· Washed with green on back

· Often showing a hint of a single wingbar

Tennessee Warbler species account

Orange-crowned Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler– This small drab-colored warbler is olive-green above, yellowish below with faint streaks, and has a yellow under-tail. The head has an inconspicuous orange crown, for which it was named. It lacks wing-bars and tail-spots. Females and juveniles look similar but are even duller.

· Duller

· Thin, pointed, slightly decurved bill.

· Orange head patch (hard to see)

· Often has “blurry” streaking on throat and breast.

· Green wash to underside

· Yellow undertail coverts

· Broken eye ring

· Grayish head color does contrasts with the greenish body.

Orange-crowned Warbler species account