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For more information on Butterflies:

North American Butterfly Association

North American Butterfly Association - Middle Tennessee Chapter

Butterflies and Moths of North America

Butterflies of Tennessee - Steve Stedman's web site with extensive information on the butterflies of Tennessee

Tennessee Butterflies list serve archive

For more information on Moths:

Tennessee Moths list serve archive

Butterflies and Moths of North America

For more information on Dragonflies:

Dragonfly Society of the Americas - searchable database of records and biology

International Odonata Institute

Photos of dragonflies and damselflies by Richard Connors

Bee Hunter mourning cloak

Bee Hunter Mourning Cloak


Dragonfly species

snowberry clearwing

Snowberry Clearwing (type of hummingbird moth)

ebony lewel

Ebony Jewel Damselfly

question mark

Question mark