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About us

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has sponsored this website in partnership with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation. TWRA oversees hunting and fishing in the state of Tennessee. TWRA also has the Nongame/Endangered Species program that managed nongame species of conservation concern, including all nongame birds.

The Watchable Wildlife Endowment Fund was established by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1994, and is funded almost exclusively through sales of the Watchable Wildlife specialty license plate, otherwise known as the "Bluebird" license plate. The Watchable Wildlife tag is the only specialty license plate in Tennessee dedicated solely to the conservation of nongame and endangered wildlife. In 2009, in the 15th year of production, Tennesseans purchased the 200,000th bluebird license plate, building the Watchable Wildlife Endowment Fund's value to $5.3 million. The accumulated interest in the fund has now totaled more than $1 million, and has been used to fund the conservation of Tennessee's rare and endangered wildlife through research and monitoring, establishing wildlife viewing sites across the state, strategic land purchases, supporting wildlife festivals, and many other projects. Click HERE to see more about the projects that the Endowment Fund has supported.

Your contributions to the Watchable Wildlife Endowment Fund through purchasing the license plate or directly through our donation page have greatly contributed to management and understanding of Tennessee's wildlife for primarily nongame species.

You can still purchase a Bluebird license plate through your local County Clerk's office when renewing your tag.