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Hatfield Knob and Hytop are back!!!
In the last 2 weeks, both Hatfield Knob and Hytop have returned from northern Canada and the tundra and have been slowly but surely sending data on their whereabouts since we last heard from them in late April 2013.

Hytop, who possibly bred this year for the first time, spent from late April through August in one small area of the Ungava Peninsula in northwest Quebec.

On 21 Nov 13, he was in southern Ontario near the Michigan state line.

Hatfield Knob, a 3rd year bird and nonbreeder, appeared to wander around the Ungava Peninsula through Mid-June. We are awaiting more data to be downloaded soon with information on his locations from mid-June through early November.

On 14 Nov 13, he was near Quebec City, Quebec.

I'll post regular updates on their whereabouts as they come in. Check back regularly!!!