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Update - 23 Mar 14
BIG TIME movement of some of our Golden Eagles!

See individual pages for the birds for maps, etc., but he's a summary:

Jericho (rehab female released in early March) is in north-central PA. She booked it up the App Mtns to south west PA where she settled for a week or more and is now on the move again.

Hytop - he flew through Michigan and crossed into the Upper Peninsula just east of the Mackinac Bridge and was in Ontario yesterday. He didn't check in yesterday and may be off the grid now.

Monroe- After not checking for a few days, he left Roan Mtn, TN and turned up in central PA! He covered a long distance in only 3 days!

Letson- After a week off the grid west of Fall Creek Falls SP, he went back and forth from that area to the Center Hill Dam vicinity a couple times and then went east and was on Frozen Head State Park this morning!

Hatfield Knob- likes the area around Lake Cumberland SP in KY. He hasn't moved around much.

Sand Rock - went to the Daniel Boone NF in KY and then came OVER NASHVILLE on the 20th, spent the night on Cheatham WMA and went west. He flew over Shelby Forest WMA this morning and went into Arkansas!