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Similar Species Information

"Turkey Vulture vs. Black Vulture"

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture - Turkey Vultures have a highly developed sense of smell that helps them locate carrion, the dead animals that they feed on, and will spend much of the day soaring in search of carcasses. This large black soaring bird has a small, red, unfeathered head, long wings, and a long tail.

· Bald red head
· Ends of wings (primaries) look like white fingers.
· Leading edge of the wing is black and trailing edge is whitish
· Soar with wings in a dihedral shape (a shallow V)
· When soaring they teeter from side to side

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Black Vulture

Black Vulture - This large black soaring bird has broad wings held nearly flat in flight. Wings have large white patches at tips, the tail is short and square, and the feet extend to edge of tail. Frequently flaps while soaring and is frequently seen soaring with Turkey Vultures.

· Bald black head and white legs.
· Wingspan is a foot shorter than theTurkey Vultures.
· White only at the wingtips.
· Tail is stubbier - so much so that tips of toes may extend beyond the end of the tail.
· Hold wings level when soaring and do not teeter from side to side.

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