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Similar Species Information

"House vs. Purple Finch direct comparison."

House Finch (male, left; female, right)

House Finch -
Slimmer and longer tailed than the Purple Finch, the House Finch shows a great deal of variation in plumage but all have an appearance of "blurred" streaking on flanks and upper body with the red in males usually restricted to head, breast and rump.

• Slender not chunky
• Squared tail
• Brown cap on head with bright red on bid and front of head
• Brown upperparts with paler brown streaking
• 2 white wing bars
• Edges to bill curved
Female -
• Blurry streaked brown
• Smaller head and bill
• Bland face

House Finch species page

Purple Finch (male, left; female, right)

Purple Finch - Raspberry colored, pot-bellied and large-headed, the Purple Finch has a short, deeply notched tail. All plumage show a distinct contrast with dark cheeks, cap and malar. Females are boldly marked brown and white with strong facial pattern and brown streaking patterns.

• Chunkier
• Deeply notched tail
• Bright rosy red head
• Flanks unstreaked
• Rosy red plumage with brown streaking on back
• Pinkish edging on wings, with 2 pinkish white wing bars
• Edges to bill straighter
Female -
• Heavily streaked
• Broad dark jaw stripe, dark ear patch and light stripe behind the eye
• Undertail coverts with little to no streak.

Purple Finch species page

House Finch (female, left; male right)

Purple Finch (male, front; female, back)

Male House Finch with orange instead of the usual red coloration. This coloration is an uncommon, but regular variation in House Finches.

Purple Finch, female