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Tennessee Golden Eagle Research Blog

Welcome to the blog on Golden Eagles trapped in Tennessee and tracked throughout their annual cycle.

Regular updates on the location of "our" Golden Eagles will be posted here. More thorough information on each individual, maps, etc. can be found on the Golden Eagle research project page.

Update - 23 Mar 14 ....

BIG TIME movement of some of our Golden Eagles! See individual pages for the birds for maps, etc., but he's a summary: Jericho (rehab female released in early March) is in north-central PA. She booked it up the App Mtns to south west PA where she settled for a week or more and is now on the move again. Hytop - he flew . . . READ MORE

10 March 2014- NEW Golden Eagle and Release of Rehab bird ....

Little update on our birds. Jericho - our bird from Skyline WMA that we caught on 5 Feb 2014 was successfully rehabilitated for lead poisoning and released where we caught her on 5 Mar 2014. She didn't go far for a couple days, but has siunce initiated migration north and in 2 days made it into southern WV! . . . READ MORE

1 March 2014 Update ....

1 March 2014 I had a post on here, but it appears to have disappeared! Here we go again. Hytop Hytop is following the same route north that he took in spring 2013. In the map below, the blue points is his current route in 2014, while the pink markers are his 3 trips thru this same part of Indiana in spring 2013! He went from . . . READ MORE

20 Feb 2014 Update ....

We've been very busy lately with the Golden Eagle project. Lots of study sites across the state and trapping efforts. We've managed to trap THREE more Golden Eagles. Only two are flying with transmitters as one had high lead levels and is in rehab for treatment. Hopefully she'll be ready to go in a week or so. Some quick updates: . . . READ MORE

28 Dec 13 Update ....

Wow, time has flown since my last update! Hatfield Knob worked his way down the Appalachian Mountains and into southern Kentucky near Cumberland Gap and the Daniel Boone National Forest, but has recently swung back north and was near Louisville, KY on 27 Dec 13. Map shows routes from spring and fall (I need to clean this up) with the Eagle logo his location on 20 Dec and my . . . READ MORE

Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania gets a visit from one of our Golden Eagles! ....

Hatfield Knob flew southwest along the Kittatinny Ridge through Pennsylvania and almost passed directly over the world famous Hawk Mountain hawk watch on 29 Nov 2013! He's currently in northwest West Virginia hanging out on some state lands. Hytop has been comtinuing to linger in Ontario east of Detroit. He's moving around a little but . . . READ MORE

25 November 2013 Update ....

Hatfield Knob is working his way south relatively quickly in recent days. He was in southern Quebc and in the last 3 days has worked his way through Vermont and is in southeastern NY near Albany. Hytop has apparently been liking the rural areas of southern Ontario southwest of London and has been there for about a week now. . . . READ MORE

Hatfield Knob and Hytop are back!!! ....

In the last 2 weeks, both Hatfield Knob and Hytop have returned from northern Canada and the tundra and have been slowly but surely sending data on their whereabouts since we last heard from them in late April 2013. Hytop , who possibly bred this year for the . . . READ MORE

Golden Eagle Update, 22 April 2013 ....

Hytop, the 5 yr old male caught in north Alabama, has apparently decided not to try to breed this year. This would be likely his first nesting attempt, but the bird came back south from near the Hudson Bay. When he headed northeast through eastern Ontario, I was sure he was going to out of range through the breeding season, however he came back south and . . . READ MORE

10 Dec 2013 ....

9 Jan 2-14 update. Hytop was . . . READ MORE